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pharmacies for flu vaccine. >> safeway says it just shipped another 200,000 doses to its pharmacies. held leaders stay we are in the middle of the flu season, one expected to get worse here in the bay area and peak in february or march. which is why the public health department is adding two additional flu shot clinics coming up. the catholic diocese of san jose is taking some drastic steps. no more wine during communion until the flu season ends. we checked with the diocese in oakland and san francisco and they say they will continue to offer the shared wine during communion. one east bay school, it's not the flu but another contagious bug. more than 100 students appear to have caused the noro virus.
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excuse us for that video there. nearly 30 schools reported similar cases. ♪ we want to show you video now. lady gaga's tour kicks off in about 2 1/2 hours. but this is more than your typical concert. this includes everything from parking lot fashion shows to free health screenings. this is a lot more than just a stage show for fans. >> reporter: it is. and you mentioned lady gaga's little mopsters. right now, a few hundred are taking part in the born brave bus tour. once you get past the music and the boldness of its appearance, you realize that there are some serious issues being dealt with.
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you can't miss the born brave bus. for all its color and style, it's been created with one basic goal in mind, to help. it invites fans to connect with counselors about anything from bullying to homosexuality, to just marching to a different beat. >> one of the missions of the foundation is to create a kinder, braver world and destig thattize getting health and treatment. >> reporter: dr. susan is on the board of the foundation and says the bus does not provide on the spot counseling but will put young adults in touch with support groups in their community, like mentoring usa, campus pride, and the national counsel for behavioral health. >> i think by letting kids know they can talk to people and mental health issues.
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>> reporter: when the young people get together in this environment, something happens when they start talking and relating to each other and the way they relate to lady gaga. >> i think she's always so dedicated to her fans. >> they're feeling connected to each other and to lady gaga. they're feeling connected to their communities and resources in their communities. it's everything we hoped it would be. >> reporter: we're back to a live picture here where the born brave bus tour has parked for most of the afternoon. this started at 3:00 this afternoon and will run right up until the start of the concert. the bus tour is part of lady gaga's born this way foundation. the bus tour started this year. this is only the third stop so far. the concert does start at 7:30 tonight. we're live in san jose, arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> let's take a look at traffic
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around hp pavilion. if you're trying to get downtown, you might want to consider another route. tonight, police are on the opportunity for a man that tried to kidnap a 3-year-old boy. here is two they're looking for. the boy's mother says the man took her son by the hand and walked away from him. she quickly caught up and took her son back. the man is asian, 55 years old, 5'6" with a pot belly. what's the problem with the penthouse? the owners of casino matrix say the police chief rejected their application to devote the top floor to high stakes gaming. owners are trying to determine whether they can appeal the chief's decision. any appeal, though, will be
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complicated due to the fact that the current police chief retires tomorrow and a search for his replacement will take months. number one again, santa clara county is the best economic area in the nation. the south bay had the same distinction in 2001, as well. it's all about the tech boom. last year, the county was 51st on the survey. how do you jump that far that fast? it's not just high tech. we're going to do a reality check coming up at 6:00. a judge is considering whether to allow san francisco's nudity ban to go into effect february 1. after hearing today, the judge says he hopes to have a decision before the end of the month. public nudity activists filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the new city ordinance. in court today, a city attorney argued that being nude is not a form of political expression and instead is harmful to the
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public. both sides came out of the hearing feeling hopeful. >> in any event, we got what i think is the most you can ask for from my court which is we have a judge who is engaged and interested and wants to hear both sides and is now devoting his full energies to coming up with what he will be a just decision. >> before today's hearing, a small group of naked protesters gathered in front of the courthouse, arguing what they wear or don't wear should not be up to the city or county lawmakers. they are promising some answers. the board of the pilot commissioners says it will make a recommend decision within 90 days regarding that tanker that crashed into the bay bridge. the board met this morning and said they had a statement from the pilot of the overseas raymar within 48 hours. the spokesperson said they don't have any reports that the pilot may have changed course at the last minute. they're also gathering
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information on the weather conditions that day. fog was thick and visibility was limited to about half a mile. the tanker was empty at the time. in 2007, a ship hit the bridge also in heavy fog, spilling more than 50,000 gallons of oil into the bay. it's been called the super bowl of surfing and is just three days away. scott budman is here with a company that is offering you an upclose view of the action. >> because of what some people call a sneaker wave that came ashore two years ago, the public and press are being moved far away from the coastline. but that doesn't mean you can't get a great view of the action. go pro will have its cameras on the surf boards during the event and will stream its video on to the website. it's the latest success story
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from a growing company that blends technology, sports and social media. >> what's fascinating is every day we're humbled in this office. a new piece of content lands on our social box and it's unexpected. we just found some ostrich jockeys that race ostriches rocking these things. >> go pro, which has grown to 400 employees and says it plans to hire more. janell, it's come a long way since athletes first started putting the cameras on their boards and bikes. >> thanks, scott. and some great news. you don't have to miss the game tonight while watching the surfers. several televisions will be set up in the viewing area. so fans can watch the action on the waves and on the football
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field. >> a lot happening this weekend. a live look around the bay area in our hd camera networks. sunny and warmer today. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is in our weather center to tell us if this is going to continue, and i think it is. >> good timing as we head throughout this saturday and sunday. tracking those waves and at the current moment, they're very minuscule. winds out of the north at 7 to 9 miles per hour. as we head into sunday, swells anywhere from 25 to 30 feet and in long tur rag. some of those waives could last 20 to 35 seconds. all of the action happening off site. temperature there is the upper 40s at 8:00 a.m. on sunday. throughout 1:00 p.m. on sunday, close to 70 degrees with a lot of sunshine. more on the entire bay area
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forecast coming up, including that weekend. >> looking forward to it. it's the story that has america buzzing. an all-american football player claims he was duped into a heartbreaking hoax. tonight, new clues that may point to him knowing more than he's leading on. love and height. learn the connection between the two when we return.
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we're fellowing a developing international news. the latest information coming out of algeria is conflicting. some reports claim that hostages have been killed in a botched rescue by the algerian government. other reports say some of them escaped. we do know as many as 41 people, including some americans, were taken hostage by islamist militants yesterday. the obama administration is concerned about these conflicting reports. she got her start writing for the san francisco chronicle.
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today the woman known as dear abby has died at the age of 94. she suffered a long battle with alzheimer's. her first column appeared in 1956 and competed for decades with her twin sister, ann landers. she passed in 2002. fewer people are dying from cancer each year. a new report from the american cancer society found the overall cancer death rate drops 20% from 1991 to 2009. a reduction in smoking and better detech shup methods are to thank. the federal government is encouraging mothers to breastfeed. new regulations will require insurance companies to cover the cost of breast pumps. an improvement for moms who say they need all the help they can get. >> insurance companies are still working out the details and
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trying to align venders and patient services and how they're going to meet that need. >> no small feat. it costs more than $1,000 for hospital grade pumps. taxpayers will foot the rental fee. some insurers are offering to pay for lighter, less expensive consumer models. >> your height could matter more in your love life than your thought. research has shown most men prefer to be with women shorter and women prefer taller men. a study of 10,000 couples in the uk shows these preferences translate into actual partner choices. another medal gone. lance armstrong has been stripped from his bronze medal in the 2000 city olympics. the international olympic committee has sent a letter to armstrong to return the medal.
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armstrong admits to using steroids. for years, he denied the allegati allegations. last year he was stripped of seven tour de france titles. it's a story generating so much buzz from notre dame university. was the star football player the victim or is he a fraud, making up a story about his leukemia stricken girlfriend at stanford. tonight, the player is choosing to keep a low profile. jay gray joins us. i know there was a lot of talk that this young man would speak to reporters today, but what happened? >> reporter: it hasn't happened to this point. we talked about a lot of stories, some of them strange. this may be the most bizarre. an outstanding player at notre dame, manti te'o. he was training for what is believed to be a fantastic pro
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clear. but focus has shifted to this bizarre and confusing fraud. manti te'o was an all-american heisman finalist two led after overachieving notre dame football team to the national championship game, where he reportedly fought through the deaths of his grandmother and girlfriend. a story he shared with the nation and espn. >> she was trying to console me and my grandmother and i was just out it. the last thing she said is i love you. >> reporter: but it turns out that was a lie. as the shocking story spread, te'o said the two had never met in person but had grew to love each other online. he same he was the victim of a sick joke and constant lows. some outlets have speculated a family friend in hawaii may be
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responsible for the hoax. >> he had previously gotten some other guys suckered into this fake relationship. >> reporter: but there are growing questions about whether he and his family were also involved. >> it would take a pretty clueless guy to fall for that. >> reporter: notre dame is standing behind the student athlete. officials immediately launched an independent investigation when he told them about the hoax in december. >> nothing about what i have learned has shaken my faith in manti te'o. >> is there a possibility he got caught up in all this? yes. did he love the attention? >> reporter: questions that now forsmce manti te'o to prepare o the field for his most difficult assignment. and questions so many want to hear him answer publicly.
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i'm jay gray. back to you. >> thank you. it is a confusing story and so many people are talking about it. so much to grasp here. >> everybody is waiting for him to talk. if you went outside today, it was so glorious. i wouldn't believe how warm it was. >> beautiful. >> i know. we're all excited about this warmup coming our way. it's like the huge thaw after temperatures started out in the 20s and 30s this week. today, a 40-degree temperature jump in just a few hours. walnut creek started off at 27 degrees. close to 70 degrees already. so above average this afternoon. with that warming and slight offshore wind coming in, another spare the air day on friday. it's going to be hazy and if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, we know a lot of this poor air quality can
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make you cough at times and watery eyes. here's something we haven't seen in a long time. 60s down here. it's not warm but a little mild. let's get you outside of that live hd camera work. there is that poor air quality in the south bay. up in oakland, an awesome sunset. but the visibility is reduced to five miles and less. take some caution here if you suffer from allergies. no sign of rainfall getting near us. high pressure building in from the south. that's going to park itself here from sunday to monday of next week. it's going to stay mild here, even this weekend looking at 70-degree felts. half moon bay, possibly 70 on
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saturday. san francisco will get close to 70, as well, with that slight offshore wind. all of the coastal areas are expecting the warmup. note this, the east and the south bay will get in on some gradual warming. friday, spare the air in effect. hazy, the sun is going to be full on out, and temperatures close to 70 degrees down in the south bay. 67 in san jose. 63 in liverlore and 65 in santa rosa. so try and sunny. temperatures close to 70 degrees. next week, no rain in the forecast. looks like that moisture may stay offshore. if you are heading out to the mavericks to see it as the festival, that's the best place for it.
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>> 40 degrees what the temperature. amazing. why the giants' world series trophy has made a special cross country trip today.
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don't even ask. a trophy flies first class and has landed in the big apple today on the giants themed airplane fans got to take photos with the trophy. like they did in 2010, the giants are taking the trophy to new york city, their original home of the franchise. michelle obama is celebrating her 49th birthday today and one of the things she did is open up a twitter account. her handle got more than 15,000 followers after her first tweet. her staff will largely be managing the account. but tweets by the first lady will be signed mo, the initials
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for michelle obama. back in a moment.
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final check on the forecast. how long is the warm weather sticking around? >> for four or five days. upper 60s to near 70 friday, saturday and sunday. going to be dangerous at the beaches this weekend. >> for a lot of people, a three-day weekend. thanks for joining us. hope to see you at 6:00.
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on our broadcast tonight, the hostage crisis unfolding near the world's newest war.
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americans are among them. this standoff still developing tonight. the hoax that has everyone talking across the country, wondering what really happened to one of the biggest names in college sports who played for one of the most famous teams in all of sports. there's big news in the war on cancer. major progress to report tonight about how many lives are being saved and what's doing it. and dear abby. tonight we remember the woman who pretty much invented the business of giving advice. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. we have an unfolding american hostage situation overseas tonight. seemingly out of nowhere, over just the past few days, the eyes of the world have been focused on a region in africa where the french have chosen to go to war against islamist rebels. and th

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